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✋Welcome to! The best place to manage all of your distribution lists in one place.

When you first install on your Shopify store, a new account is created for your store, and you are automatically redirected to the app's dashboard:

🔝Top bar

In this section, on every page in the app, you will see:

Your store's name
Facebook group link
Help section link

📊Main analytics area

In this section you can see your store's analytics.

You can change the timeframe of the analytics by using the date picker at the left corner, it displays the latest 30 days report by default.
At the right corner you will have a link to a help video popup, which exists at every page of the app.
You can view analytics for the app in general, as well as feature specific analytics.

📑Feature tabs

At the bottom of the dashboard, you have the different feature tabs. In these tabs you will be able to see the analytics for each feature; but when you first login to the dashboard, before creating any campaigns, you will have 'get started' buttons on each of the features.

Move between platforms by clicking on the tab with the feature's name.
Click the "Get started" button for each feature/growth tool you want to enable. You will be redirected to it's settings page.

📍Main menu

In the app's main menu, you can navigate between the different features of the app. You can navigate to:
Subscribers page (for Email, SMS and Push)
Abandoned carts (for Email, SMS, Push and Viber)
Campaigns (for Email, SMS and Push)
Ultimate Growth tools (for a subscription pop-up)

⏭Next steps...

Now that you've familiarized yourself with the dashboard, move on to:
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Enable push cart abandonment automation (Shopify)
Enable SMS cart abandonment automation (Shopify)
Enable Viber cart abandonment automation (Shopify)
SMS Campaigns (Shopify)
Email Campaigns (Shopify)
Push Campaigns (Shopify)

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Updated on: 12/07/2022

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