Enable email abandoned browse recovery

When you enable the email browse abandonment, Carti.io will send email notification to anyone who watches a product and leave the store. Browse abandonment will works if customers' email is in the system and email flow aimed at getting them back to complete the purchase.

Start with browse abandonment

You can enable the automation in one of 2 ways:

In the dashboard, click Get Started under Browse Abandonment

In the left bar menu, navigate to Email - Browse Abandonment

Edit browse abandonment emails

By default, the browse abandonment flow has 1 email, sent to customers, until they complete their purchase, you can add more emails if you like.

Click the Edit button for the email you want to edit (start with the first email in the flow)

You will be redirected to the email editing page

Text Editor

Here you will have access to four sections for control:

1. Discount

You will have access to two discount options, automatic and pre-made. An automatic discount will be generated automatically, you only need to specify the amount of the discount. Pre-made discount you need to create in your shopify admin.

If you do not want to offer any discount, then simply select pre-made and do not insert anything into the discount field.

2. Preview

Subject- edit the email subject content- this will be the subject the customer sees in his inbox

Email Preview- edit the preview test that your customer will see in his inbox before opening the email

3. Email Content

Header- the main header text within the email

Before Cart Body Text- the body text within the email. The body text is divided to two parts, and you can decide to use both parts or just one of them

After Cart Body Text- the second part of the email's body text. This will appear below the cart content section

Footer- the email's footer content, where you can add whatever content or disclaimer to your footer

Carti.io automatically adds your store's email and an unsubscribe button to your emails footer, so you don't have to add those.

4. Cart

Here you can fully control the description of your cart.

Dynamic tags

Dynamic tags - these allow you to add dynamic content to your email. You can use them anywhere you want on your email's content:

{domain} - your store's domain name
{first name} - first name of your customer
{last name} - last name of your customer
{siteName} - your store's name as defined in Shopify
{cartLink} Click here {/cartLink} - the link to the customer's cart. You can change the text between the two tags to change the display name of the link
{unsubscribeLink} Unsubscribe {/unsubscribeLink} - and unsubscribe link. You can change the text between the two tags to change the display name of the link

Design Editor

In this part you will be able to edit the colors and design of your email. To get to the design editor, simply click the Design Editor tab at the top of the screen.

Upload your logo image - upload your logo image if you need to show your customer your logo or some kind of image

Fallback Text - this text will be displayed instead of the image in case there has been an issue loading it

Header- the text color of the main header

Body Text - text color your email

Link- the color of links in the email

Button Text- the cart button text color

Button Color- the cart button background color


Send- control how much time after the cart abandonment the email will be sent. You can set it to minutes or hours

Now, after you go through the quick activation, the following default time for sending will be set in the reminder:

1st reminder - 2 minutes after abandonment

Test & Save

Once you've finished setting up your email, its time to save it and continue setting up your browse abandonment flow.

After clicking Save, you will be directed back to the browse abandonment flow page, where you can create a new one and repeat the process for each of the emails in the flow and activate them.

📝Note: When you save the email you are not automatically activating this email, you can decide to do that later, in the cart abandonment flow page.

In this part, you can edit the content of your email, and see your changes automatically applied to the right of the screen, in the preview section.


To activate a reminder, just switch it to active mode, next to the Save button.


Once you activate your browse abandonment flow, you can follow it's performance within the abandoned cart flow page.

📝Note: The data range for this Analytics dashboard is "all-time", so it displays the info here from the app installation date. If you need to select the info for a specific period, you can check it in the Home dashboard, it has the latest 30 days report by default, but you can manage the range manually.

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