Enable SMS abandoned cart recovery

In the left bar menu, navigate to SMS - Abandoned Carts

Abandoned cart SMS notifications

The cart abandonment flow has 3 notifications, sent progressively to the customers, until they complete their purchase.

You can activate the entire flow, or just some of the messages in it, according to your needs.

Click the Edit button for the push message you want to edit (start with the first message in the flow)

You will be redirected to the SMS message editing page


You will have access to two discount options, automatic and pre-made. An automatic discount will be generated automatically, you only need to specify the amount of the discount. Pre-made discount you need to create in Store Admin panel.


In the message editing page, you will see a preview of the message on the right side, and editing options on the left side:

Text- edit the text of your message. You are limited to 153 characters, to fit in a single SMS message

Dynamic Tags- dynamic tags allow you to add dynamic information into your text message:

{domain} - your store's domain name
{first name} - first name of your customer
{last name} - last name of your customer
{siteName} - your store's name as defined in Wix
{cartLink} Click here {/cartLink} - the link to the customer's cart. You can change the text between the two tags to change the display name of the link
{discountValue} - the amount of the discount you offer
{discountCode} - discount code itself
{storeEmail} - your store email

Unsubscribe Text - here you can change the text as you like (maximum 11 characters)

Our app uses 'Carti' as sender's name instead of the phone number

Sending Timing

Send- control how much time after the cart abandonment the message will be sent. You can set it to minutes and hours

Now, after you go through the quick activation, the following default time for sending will be set in the reminders:

1st reminder - 1 hour after abandonment
2nd reminder - 10 hours after previous sms
3nd reminder - 24 hours after previous sms

Save- once you finish editing your message, click Save to save your changes

After editing your message, you can move on to the rest of the messages in the flow, by clicking the messages tabs at the top of the page. Repeat the same process for each message you want to activate


Once you've finished setting up each of the messages in the flow, you can activate them by clicking the Active switch for each one.

The data range for this Analytics dashboard is "all-time", so it displays the info here from the app installation date. If you need to select the info for a specific period, you can check it in the Home dashboard, it has the latest 30 days report by default, but you can manage the range manually.

In order to find out if your SMS was sent or not, you can look in the section "Subscribers".
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