Create blast push campaigns

Push campaigns allow you to send a one-time blast push message to all of your subscribers at once. These are a great option for announcements, new products and sales.

To get started with push campaigns, you need to navigate to Push > Campaigns and click Create New Campaign:

Discount Settings

You will have access to two discount options, automatic and pre-made. An automatic discount will be generated automatically, you only need to specify the amount of the discount. Pre-made discount you need to create in Coupons section on Wix Dashboard.

Edit your message campaign

Message Title- set the message title
Button Text- edit the body text of the message
URL- set the url that the customer will be automatically directed to when clicking the message

Save & Publish

One you finished editing your campaign, you can either save it as draft or continue to save and publish it. You can also click the Cancel button, which will delete all the changes you just made.

If you saved your campaign as a draft, it will appear under Drafts in your push campaigns page, and you can come back and send it whenever you want.


If you decide to publish the campaign, you can click Next and reach the publishing page.

In the publishing page, you have two options:

Schedule now- will send the message to all of your subscribers immediately
Schedule later- will allow you to schedule the message for later. When you choose this option you will also have to define the following:

Date & time - use the date picker to select the date & time
Send all at the same time - when chosen, all messages will be sent at the same time (your store's timezone)
Delivered at user's timezone - when chosen, the message will be sent in the date & time you selected according to the customer's local time


Once you click Launch the campaign will be scheduled to be sent according to your settings.

You will be automatically redirected to the push campaigns page and see your new campaign under Scheduled:

After the push finishes sending, you can see it under History and view some statistics of the campaign:

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