Welcome push

This is the first push message your new subscriber will get from you. This will be sent a few seconds after your new subscriber has subscribed to push, and it is your opportunity to giver them the discount you promised on the last step to encourage them to buy.

To edit this message, click Push section and select the Welcome Message section

In the welcome push editing page, you will see a preview of the push message on the right side, and editing options on the left side:


Here you can choose to set a discount that will be provided to your customers. You can choose one of two options: pre-made (you need to create a discount in your shopify admin), and an automatic discount (we will create a discount automatically in your Shopify admin, you only need to specify the percentage you can afford.

Logo - you can upload an image from your computer, to show up in the push message

In this section you can use dynamic tags:
{siteName} - this tag will display the sender site name
{discountValue} - this tag will display the discoutn value in the message
{discountCode} - this tag will display the discoutn code in the message
{storeEmail} - this tag will display the sender store email in the message

Headline- the headline of your push message

Body Text- the message text that will appear in your push notification

URL- this is the url that your subscribers will be automatically redirected to when clicking the push message

Enable and Save- Once you've finished editing the settings, enable the Welcome Message by click the Off switch to On,
after you've finished setting up your message, click Save to move on to the next step.

πŸ“ NOTE: This will not enable the growth tool. To enable the push notifications you need to setup this directly in the growth tool popup section.

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