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SMS campaigns

SMS campaign allows you to send a one-time blast SMS to all of your subscribers at once. These are great options for announcements, new products, and sales.

To open the SMS campaigns menu - you need to select SMS on the left side menu -> SMS campaigns

You can create a new campaign by clicking the + Create new Campaign button. Also, you can check here statuses and short summary of all your SMS campaigns launched from Carti

Text - campaign name
Sent date - campaign launch date and time
Status - displays if campaign is sent/in progress or scheduled for future
Sent - number of sent SMS
Clicked - number of opened SMS
CTR (%) - clickthrough rate
Orders - is the number of orders placed from campaign
CVR, % - conversion rate of the campaign
Revenue - generated revenue from the campaign
Cost - campaign cost
ROI, % - return on investment

When you create a new campaign, you'll be directed to the campaign editor. The campaign editor consists of the next sections:

Preview section

In this section, you can preview any changes made in the editor

πŸ“ NOTE: Links on the preview will be replaced by mock-up

Discount section

In the Type field, you need to select Automatic or Pre-made discount

Automatic discount - the app will create the discount in your store automatically
Premade discount - you need to create a discount code in your Shopify discounts section and enter it in the field.

Next, you need to select the discount percentage.

πŸ’‘ TIP:This value will also be used in the discount value dynamic tag

Content section

Body text of the SMS
In the body text of SMS, you can add any information you want to send to your customers: announcements, new products announcements, etc...

Unsubscribe text
Text that will be added before the unsubscribing button

Dynamic tags

Dynamic tags - these allow you to add dynamic content to your email. You can use them anywhere you want on your email's content:

{domain} - your store's domain name
{first name} - the first name of your customer
{last name} - last name of your customer
{siteName} - your store's name as defined in Shopify
{discountValue} - the percentage of the discount that will be taken from the Discount value field in the Discount section
{discountCode} - discount code itself
{storeEmail} - your store email

πŸ“ NOTE: First name and Last name tags will be displayed only if the customer subscribed on checkout. Those tags will not be displayed if customers subscribe via Ultimate growth tool and don’t complete checkout.

SMS and Character counters

SMS counter displays how many SMS will it take to send your campaign message to the customer
Characters left counter displays the number of characters left in the current SMS before additional SMS will be used for delivery.

Sending timing

In this section, you will select to send the campaign immediately or schedule for later

Schedule now- will send the email to all of your subscribers immediately
Schedule later- will allow you to schedule the email for later. When you choose this option you will also have to define the following:
-> Date & time - use the date picker to select the date & time
-> Send all at the same time - when chosen, all emails will be sent at the same time (your store's time zone)
-> Delivered at user's time zone - when chosen, the email will be sent in the date & time you selected according to the customer's local time

Campaign costs

In this section, you will see the expected delivery cost

Total subscribers: - the number of subscribers who will receive an SMS campaign
Total countries: number of countries where SMS will be sent
Total SMS cost: expecting delivery cost

πŸ’‘ TIP: You can choose countries where you would like to send SMS campaign in the SMS channel -> Counties menu
⚠️ WARNING: *This is estimated cost. The final price depends on the SMS provider policy. You will see the actual price in the campaign analytics

Save & Launch

Once you finished editing your SMS, you can either save it as a draft or continue to save and launch it. You can also click the Cancel button, which will delete all the changes you just made.

If you saved your SMS as a draft, it will appear under Drafts on your SMS campaigns page, and you can come back and send it whenever you want.

Send Test - you can send yourself a test SMS of the campaign to see how it will look like

Once you click Launch the SMS will be scheduled to be sent according to your settings.

You will be automatically redirected to the SMS campaigns page and see your new campaign under Scheduled:

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Updated on: 11/07/2022

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